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Carnival Cruise Line Implements Onboard Curfew On it’s Ships


In an unexpected change to its Minor Guest Policy, Carnival Cruise Line has instituted an updated onboard youth curfew for all its vessels.

The curfew will only apply to travelers 17 years of age and younger, and goes into effect immediately across the entire fleet of Carnival ships.

Outlined on the cruise line’s Minor Guest Policy page, the new curfew is as follows:

“Guests 17 years of age and under who are not accompanied by an adult in their traveling party, 21 years of age or older, must be clear of all public areas by 1:00am each evening unless involved in a Club 02 or Circle C teen activity.”

Cruise passengers have long been divided on the subject of young cruisers, with some travelers reporting younger guests taking over elevators, playing and being excessively noisy in hallways or stairwells, pounding on stateroom doors, or otherwise causing disturbances, particularly late at night while most passengers are trying to sleep.

Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador, John Heald, on his popular Facebook page, explained the potential consequences of violating this new policy.

“Any guest in violation of the curfew or whose behavior contradicts our rules could be disembarked in the next port at their own expense and not be allowed to have a cruise with us again,” 

Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador, John Heald
Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador, John Heald

This does not mean, however, that young travelers would be put off the ship without their parents or guardians.

Any reported incident is sure to be investigated before consequences are applied, and it is likely that a warning could be issued before such drastic action is taken, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the incident.

Furthermore, the curfew will not apply when young cruisers are involved in a supervised Club O2 or Circle C activity, or when they are accompanied by their parents or another member of their immediate traveling party over 21 years of age.