Top 10 Passengers Who Have Forgotten How to Live on a Cruise

When selecting a cruise, it is possible to choose the route, the cruise company, and the ship, but unfortunately, you can’t predict the passengers with whom you will sail. The idyllic climate experienced during your cruise holiday can quickly darken by the encounter of curious oddballs who do not behave as you.

1-The Unruly Children

We know that cruise lines now include services or facilities so that parents can bring their children. Unfortunately, the cohabitation between adults and children can quickly become difficult. Of course, there exist clubs for kids on most of the cruises but they are not operational 7/24 because the crew members in the club have right to rest too. When children have more fun, it is not impossible to see them running around in the corridors, play in the stairwells, screaming and trampling.

If you want to avoid this kind of inconvenience, the solution is to avoid school holiday periods where children are present in large numbers.

2-The Hoarders of Sun Loungers

During a day of sailing, you can find sunbeds without passengers, often occupied by various items ranging from a rolled-up beach towel to a book, through the beach bags or a simple pair of sunglasses.

Other passengers have the right to take advantage of the sun loungers! Cruise lines make it clear in their regulations that sunbeds cannot be reserved. As per common sense, it is requested that each passenger shall free sunbeds if he is leaving more than thirty minutes so that others can enjoy the sun.

3-Smoking on the Balconies

As you probably know, the places where smoking is allowed is highly regulated in cruise ships. Each ship has a smoking lounge, where passengers can enjoy cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, accompanied by the best spirits as well as reserved spaces on the open deck or in the casino. However, on the balconies of the cabins, each company has its own policy about smokers.

Smoking on the balcony is prohibited by some companies. It is true that there is nothing worse for a no smoking passenger to be bothered by the smell of tobacco while he sits on his balcony. Not to mention that a few disrespectful passengers do not hesitate to throw their ashes and butts overboard, polluting the oceans at the same time.

4-They Have Always Done Better Than You

“I will always be better than you ”

Generally, it is during a meal at the main restaurant that you will have many chances to meet such people who are maybe at the same table as you. By knowledge, you will very quickly realize that the person in front of you will always be better than you. You rebate an excursion at a reasonable price, he has paid less than you. Ditto for the cruise, meals and many other things. These people are proud of them and want you to know that they come so well to fend themselves.

The only solution to avoid going out of your way: See the butler and ask to change tables hoping not to fall back on this same style of character.

5-The Gluttons at The Buffet

Food remains a fundamental part of the cruise. Some passengers find themselves often with plates generously filled, which will not be finished. Many sweet, dirty, hot, or cold dishes abound, to the point of losing the notion of common sense to some. Not to mention that he will also play the balancing act between the buffet and table avoiding the other passengers who come there looking for something.

Taste everything but without exaggeration.

Sometimes, you’ll come across some passengers with plates in the corridors that are going to their cabin to take their tea-time quietly however, some cruise line companies do not permit to take food outside of the provided areas.

6-Drunk Passengers

What would be a holiday without the pleasure of refreshing drinks? This is also part of the folklore of cruises and especially when passengers have chosen to buy a drinks package, they are entitled to access a wide range of cocktails, soft drinks, and other alcoholic beverages. In front of this facility, of many cruise lines don’t hesitate to push consumption up to the extreme.

Even in the sea, the alcohol shall be consumed with moderation

The other cruise ship passengers may also be hurt by this kind of the oddballs. They will also be likely to disturb you in your sleep, not knowing how to be discreet in the halls or bumping into the doors of the cabins.

7-The “Force” of elevators

Sometimes it is difficult to get a lift!

Although there are enough elevators on almost each cruise ship, sometimes some lifts are requested more at some moments such as turns of excursions, or at the time of the meal.

Some passengers may surprise you with puddles of water if they come directly from the pools. Attention to the slip by entering!

8-Those Who Do Not Respect the Dress Code

In the 20th century, cruising was reserved for the elite people and the passengers did not hesitate to adorn themselves in their finest clothes to shine at night, especially at the gala dinner of the Commander. Today, with the democratization of this mode of travel, cruise lines of the 21st century have somewhat lost this habit. Each day in the logbook, companies advise passengers on how they should dress at night. Of course, passengers are free to follow this recommendation or not.

On some nights, it is best to follow the recommended dress code.

Passengers are free not to follow this recommendation. It is quite possible to see a passenger wearing Bermuda shorts for dinner when most of the men are in suits.

9-The Invaders of Jacuzzis

Nowadays, all the modern ships are equipped with hot tubs, these hot tubs accessible in all seasons. The passengers like it a lot and it happens quite often that they are crowded. Often, we find the same people there or entire families. Some passengers do not respect the regulations. For example, it is likely to find children in pools yet reserved for adults. Remember that the cruise line companies advise the use of hot tubs by twenty-minute assignments.

10-The Groups with Helpers

You can spot them easily, people supervised by an attendant who manages to split the crowds and move in front of everyone. They are often having a priority embarkation and excursions. Due to their large number, they also take a lot of space in the common areas, such as bars, clubs, or reserve many chairs side by side at the shows given in the concert hall.

You now have a knowledge of different kind of passengers you may encounter on the ships. Please, do not be any of the ten of them! Fortunately, if you cross them, they will make you much more smile that they ruin your vacation. Thanks to them, you will have fun and juicy stories to tell your friends.

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